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NLC start to launch 2012 NLCommunity Partnership program with SAFETYCard PhotoID

2012-8-8 00:00| Publisher: campus| Views: 1733| Comments: 0|Author: NLC National Office

Summary: NLC launches NLCommunity Partnership program with SAFETYCard Photo ID
National Liaison Committee for International Students (NLC), the national peak body for International Students in Australia, has launched NLCommunity partnership program with SAFETYCard Photo ID on 8 August 2012.

SAFETYCard is the national safety and reward program of the International Student Community, jointly supported by Australian Police, the local Multicultural Community and our SAFETYCard Community Partners to create the national safety network and membership reward platform for International Students.

It is administered by NLC and distributed by OSA campus operations in all major universities, TAFE colleges, government schools and private institutions across Australia.

SAFETYCard is the proof of OSA membership which can be used as the photo ID to access safety reporting services and exclusive member rewards provided by our SAFETYCard Community Partners. All International Students are automatically covered by our National Safety Program.

With over 500,000 International Students enrolled in all relevant educational institutions across Australia, attention to this market sector is an effective and rewarding strategy in the competitive market environment.

Figures from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in November 2011 confirmed that international education contributed $16.3 billion in export income to the Australian economy in 2010-11. For each member student, an average of $35,000 is spent on tuition fees and living expenses every year.

As the only national membership based service platform for the International Student Community, a partnership with SAFETYCard enables your business to have direct access to our International Students for specially negotiated service packages.

Best of all, there will be 150,000 plus new potential clients for your business in 2013 as they are coming to study in Australia.

To offer membership benefits and rewards while supporting the SAFETYCard program, we have started working with selected national and local service providers to establish the quality service network for the International Student Community.

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