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National Operations

National Liaison Committee For International Students, more widely known as NLC, is the national peak body for International Students in Australia.


NLC was formed in 1986 through the amalgamation of various statebased international student representative organisations across Australia to combat the introduction of the Overseas Student full-fee paying program.


Affiliated under NLC, Overseas Students Association (OSA) serves as a common platform for campus-based international student representative organisations with operations at major educational institutions across Australia.


The first independent OSA started its campus operations at The University of Adelaide (OSA@Adelaide) in 1985. From 1 May 2008, NLC has transformed from a student union model to become the central platform, backed by the local Multicultural Community, to serve our NLCommunity: the International Student Community.


On national level, NLC is the voice of the International Student Community for advocacy and lobbying, focusing on five key areas of operations: culture, representation, compliance, welfare and leadership.


On campus level, NLC fully supports independent and autonomous OSA operations to provide international student support services and ensure democratic international student representation.


For the past 28 years, NLC and OSA have been working with all stakeholders: the local Multicultural Community, Australian & foreign government agencies, education providers and relevant organisations in the Australian international education industry to build a strong International Student Community.


Now we are even more determined and prepared to play the vital role as the peak representative body and build a stronger NLCommunity in the years ahead.



The vision of NLC is to uplift the spirits of International Students for self awareness and cultural identity by demanding equal rights & respect and maximising fair share of representation & influence in all relevant educational institutions.



The mission of OSA is dedicated to the advancement of the social, cultural and economic well-being of International Students by sponsoring and engaging in various OSActivities for the benefit of the International Student Community.

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