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SAFETYCard is the national safety program of the International Student Community, jointly supported by Australian Police and the local Multicultural Community to create the national safety network for International Students.


SAFETYCard is administered by NLC and distributed by OSA campus operations through NLCampus Representatives. All International Students are entitled to apply for OSA membership free of charge.


PHOTOiD is the national reward program of the International Student Community, supported by Australian Government and NLCommunity partners to provide government concessions and exclusive member rewards to International Students.


PHOTOiD is the proof of OSA full membership which can be used as the photo identification to access safety reporting services, government concessions and partner offers.


On 8 August 2008, NLC launched NLCommunity Safety Hotline and OSAssurance Fund, the emergency relief fund for International Students.


On 8 August 2009, NLC launched the SAFETYCard program in New South Wales with the support from NSW Premier Nathan REES and NSW Police.


On 8 August 2010, NLC launched the SAFETYCard program nationally to cover International Students in all other states and territories in Australia.


On 8 August 2011, NLC launched SAFETYCard PHOTOiD to improve the identification process for OSA members during safety incident reporting.


On 8 August 2012, NLC launched OSA membership portal to have equal access to federal, state and local government services and concessions.


On 8 August 2013, NLC launched NLCampus service network to provide exclusive member rewards offered by NLCommunity partners.


The SAFETYCard program is fully funded by the local Multicultural Community and all International Students are automatically covered through our NLC national and OSA campus operations.


The safety program, together with the reward program, enriches the study experience for International Students in Australia.

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